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Children & Chiropractic In Greenville SC

At THINC Chiropractic, our Greenville SC chiropractic clinic, we care about the next generation and ensuring they rise to their fullest potential. This is why we are passionate about serving babies, children and teens in our office. Getting your child checked, allows them to grow and develop the way they were designed.


Chiropractor Greenville SC Zane Gray With Infant Patient
Chiropractor Greenville SC Zane Gray With Baby Patient

Studies show that over 85% of newborns acquire their first misalignment at birth. You can imagine why, as the primary concern during the birthing process is to have baby come out as quickly as possible to benefit a healthy mom and baby. These misalignments create nerve interference, which is called a subluxation.
When a newborn experiences a subluxation left uncorrected, we see a host of issues arise. We find the newborn is not able to properly communicate from the brain to the body or live life to the fullest. That’s why at THINC our Greenville chiropractor will adjust newborns as soon as possible.
An improper functioning nervous system is the root cause of many increasing childhood issues we see today. Proper growth and development in those early years is especially important to their health outcomes throughout life.


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Chiropractor Greenville SC Zane Gray With Boy Toddler Patient

As children continue to grow, their spines experience many forms of trauma. While children can experience those big falls off couches and changing tables, many more “little traumas” occur as the child learns to walk, play with their siblings and friends, discover their limits, and become more involved with sports.

Chiropractic has successfully helped babies and children respond and adapt to:

  • Earaches
  • Colic
  • Infantile Reflux
  • Digestive Issues
  • Constipation
  • Bedwetting
  • Respiratory Difficulties
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Sensitivity to Touch
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Social Miscues
  • Trouble Latching
  • And many more!

Each gentle and specific adjustment allows the child's nervous system to function optimally so their body can overcome the above mentioned health challenges.

Healthy kids make for healthy adults, and healthy adults allow for a healthy family!

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