If Your Spine Could Talk in Greenville SC

If Your Spine Could Talk In Greenville SC

Chiropractic Greenville SC If Your Spine Could Talk

Did you know your spine is the main communicator between your brain and organs? It’s surprising how much we forget our spine impacts our overall health and organ function. That’s why our goal as your Greenville SC chiropractor is always to get the root of your health issues, not just make your back feel better.

Your Brain Communicates Through Your Spinal Cord In Greenville SC

We know through science and research that your brain controls and coordinates every function in your body. It tells your heart to beat, your lungs to breath and food to digest, among a thousand other things. Your brain communicates through your spinal cord and the nerves which extend out from your spinal cord.

Because of this, we can confidently say that chiropractic care can improve things like your sinuses, digestion, heart function, constipation, headaches, lungs, sciatica, and pretty much everything in your body! Let’s see how the spine connects to your body through four primary areas.

These areas are identified as the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum. As you can see, each of these vertebrae areas extends out to organs and systems. So when subluxations (misaligned vertebrae) are present, they interfere with the communication from the brain to that system.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the four areas.

  1. CERVICAL: The cervical region (top portion of your spine) affects your eyes, ears, nose and throat. So from the outside we see things like headaches, sinus and allergies issues, and ear infections. Feeling sniffly? It might be a subluxation!
  2. THORACIC: The thoracic region (middle of the spine) affects your heart, lungs and stomach, showing up as problems like asthma, heart conditions, and acid reflux. One of the most common things we hear from members is improvement in acid reflux after the first weeks of chiropractic care.
  3. LUMBAR: The lumbar region (lower portion of the spine) affects your bowels, bladder, kidneys, and the nerves that run down to your legs and feet. So we would see issues like constipation, menstrual cramps, bladder issues and sciatica. There’s nothing more irritating than a sciatica flare up, which can lead to dependence on painkillers. Chiropractic care relieves pressure on the nerve for quick and long-term pain relief.
  4. SACRUM: The sacrum is literally the “backbone” of your pelvic region and connects to the hip bones, buttocks, rectum, and anus. The bottom vertebrae, the coccyx aka “tailbone,” can contribute to hemorrhoid issues and problems in the legs and feet. If you’ve ever found your feet falling asleep when you’re sitting for too long, your sacrum might be to blame!

At THINC Chiropractic, we are focused on getting to the root cause of your health concerns. As we mentioned before, subluxations interfere with the ability for your brain to communicate well through the spinal cord to the rest of your body.

When your spine is shifted out of proper alignment anywhere in the four areas, there’s pressure on your nerves. Over time, this leads to nerve damage, pain, and dysfunction. So things that start as small annoyances can turn into chronic problems that don’t go away. Without proper correction to subluxations, you can also experience spinal degeneration that brings a whole other list of symptoms.

The Adio Principle

In our office, we believe that healing comes from Above, Down, Inside, Out, also known as the principle of ADIO.

  • ABOVE: Control starts in our brain which we consider “above” the rest of our body.
  • DOWN: From the brain and through the spinal cord, control travels “down” into the body.
  • INSIDE: Our body functions based on signal from the brain, through the body to the inside.
  • OUT: Our physicality, emotions, and mental health show up “outside” us in our expressions and actions.

As a neurologically based chiropractic office, we know that if things aren’t functioning properly “above,” they won’t function well in the rest of our body. While we assess the spine to detect nerve interference and subluxations, our goal is for you to function at your best from top to bottom.

So whether you’re experiencing migraines, acid reflux, constipation, or tingly feet, we’re here to help find the root of the problem and get you adjusted into feeling better! Come by our office to see how we can help with your individual needs, or check out some of our member testimonials here!

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