Retained Primitive Reflexes & Your Child’s Development in Greenville SC

Retained Primitive Reflexes & Your child's Development In Greenville SC

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Our Greenville SC chiropractor knows that watching your baby grow and develop is a fascinating and exciting experience as a parent. They wrap their little hands around your finger, start to kick and wiggle, and eventually roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk!

They begin learning fine motor skills as they get older, but the foundation for their development is their primitive reflexes.

What Are Primitive Reflexes In Greenville SC?

Primitive reflexes are involuntary movements that usually disappear by the time they’re 4-6 months old, and are expected to be completely absent by the time they turn one.

These reflexes allow your baby to learn and form connections in their brains that inform certain movements like grasping objects, sucking and eating, and responding to startling movements.

The most known primitive reflexes are:

  • Palmar Grasp: The “grasp” reflex that causes your baby’s fingers to close when you place your finger in their hand.
  • Moro Reflex: The startle reflex that helps your baby take their first breath.
  • Rooting and Sucking Reflex: A reflex that causes your baby to open their mouth when you stroke its lips or cheek.
  • Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex: This reflex helps your baby determine where the head and body are in space.
  • Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex: A reflex that causes your baby’s arm to straighten and a leg to bend when turning their head.
  • Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex: This reflex helps your little one learn how to move and prepare to crawl.
  • Spinal Galant Reflex: This reflex occurs when you stroke near the low back of your baby and their muscles contract.

At THINC Chiropractic, Greenville’s Pediatric Chiropractor, we are equipped to test all of these reflexes and provide chiropractic care if primitive reflexes are retained past the normal age. Dr. Zane has additional training and certifications in serving our little ones with research-backed techniques.

What Are Retained Primitive Reflexes?

Retained primitive reflexes are when your baby does not move past the primitive reflex stage after the expected time for them to disappear and become more defined in motor skills.

Retained primitive reflexes can be indicated by other symptoms like:

  • Poor handwriting
  • Hyperactivity
  • Bedwetting
  • Poor speech or picky eating
  • Anxiety and hypersensitivity to touch
  • Inability to focus
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor posture
  • Impulse control and more
Chiropractor Greenville SC Zane Gray With Boy Toddler Patient

Common causes of retained primitive reflexes include stress on behalf of mom or baby during pregnancy, prolonged use of baby chairs or bouncers, difficult birthing process, falls and head trauma, and missing milestones like crawling.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

The root cause of retained primitive reflexes is found in the neural pathways. By testing for primitive reflexes and becoming aware of symptoms, chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations that intervene with the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body. The neural pathways communicate information to and from the brain and if the brain is not able to adequately communicate to the rest of the body, dysfunction can occur.

Chiropractor Greenville SC Zane Gray With Girl Toddler Patient

Most people think chiropractic care is only for adults or special conditions, but it’s an important part of taking care of pregnant mothers and new infants.

Your baby’s nervous system starts to develop just 21 days after conception. As soon as they’re born, their primitive reflexes help them learn their body and engage with the world around them!

As your Greenville neurologically based chiropractor, we are focused on your baby’s nervous system functioning at it’s highest level including reaching their developing milestones. With specific adjustments, we’ve seen many children with retained primitive reflexes be able to integrate these reflexes throughout the course of their corrective care.

The doctor may also provided retained primitive reflex exercises and instructions for the child to perform at home. Most of these exercises are very simple and can be done as a fun activity with children.

For more information on THINC chiropractic and our little THINCers, check out our post about Caring for the Next Generation!

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