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Restful Sleep In Greenville SC

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If you’ve been keeping up with our Greenville SC chiropractic clinic for a while, you know we’re all about fixing things that get on your NERVES! Well, at least things that interfere with your nervous system.

Sleep is absolutely critical to a properly functioning nervous system, yet most Americans have inconsistent sleep routines and cycles. Thirty-five (35)% of Americans sleep less than 7 hours a night and we actually need about 8 hours a night. Especially with technology, adults and kids alike have higher rates of sleeping difficulty than we used to. And at THINC, we see children with neurological concerns who almost always have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

We always seek to get to the root of the problem, but we have a saying that it’s a 50/50 process. Our half is supporting your health with regular specific chiropractic care, and the other half is you taking care of you! That’s exactly how sleep is, too.

Did you know 9 million Americans take prescription drugs for to assist with sleep. Of those 9,000,000 individuals, 35% are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer because of the side effects of those drugs. What’s more is from the period of 1998 to 2006, the number of sleep aids prescribed TRIPLED in 18 to 24 olds.

This increase in sleep aids and sleep prescriptions has created a $411 billion sleep industry. While one industry is reaping the profits of Americans not sleeping well (in billions $$), Americans are spending a lot of money on things that aren’t really helping them sleep better.

That being said, there are great personal habits that we can all implement regularly to better support our sleeping cycles.

The saying “sleep when you're dead” doesn’t really work that way.

Why Aren't We Sleeping In Greenville SC?

Trying to sleep when you can’t sleep can feel totally counterintuitive. You can make yourself wake up with an alarm clock, but there aren’t a lot of healthy ways to *make* yourself fall asleep. That’s why so many people turn to prescriptions that they end up depending on forever.

But throughout the day, there are tons of little things that can add up to a difficult sleep environment, and a lot of it can be controlled. Again, you have 50% to work with!

  • Stress - From finances to relationships, schedules full of kids’ activities, never ending to-do lists, and depression can all contribute to sleep disruption.
  • Diet - The body needs vitamins, minerals, and proteins to allow the body to heal and restore during sleep. Unfortunately, the average American diet today doesn’t support healthy hormone and energy levels that we need for a well functioning body.
  • Work - Fast deadlines, conflict with coworkers or clients, and meeting high expectations and responsibilities can contribute to a poor sleep cycle. Not to mention traffic!
  • Environment - Most people focus on the sleep environment even when they ignore the other issues. But it’s true that a comfortable bed, nice temperature, and getting rid of external noise like the television of an appliance can help us sleep better.
  • Routine - The 2 hours right before bed make a huge difference in falling asleep and staying asleep. If we’re on our phones or watching television, we’re often too stimulated to sleep even if we’ve created a bad habit of it. Even if we fall asleep to the television, our brain is still engaging with the noise while we sleep, affecting our overall sleep cycle.

These are a lot of things to focus on! But you have the power to change almost anything.

How Can You Sleep Better At Night?

  • Create A Nightly Routine You Enjoy - put the tech away 2 hours before bed, but find something else you enjoy in the meanwhile. Otherwise you’ll be in bed anxious and want to reach for your phone or turn on the television. Instead, grab a book, journal, or do a light restorative yoga session to relax!
  • Know What Great Sleep Is To You - Depending on your age and activity, you might require more or less sleep. Just because someone else feels rested at less hours of sleep than you do, doesn’t mean they have more energy or that you’re lazy. Younger kids and senior adults tend to need the most sleep, but do what’s best for you, and put sleep high on your priority list! Because eventually, your body will react to exhaustion sooner or later.
  • Improve Your Posture - Our body needs to have “good posture” even when we’re sleeping! Make sure your pillow supports the head and cervical spine, get a mattress that’s soft or firm to your spine and body’s preference, and continue working on your posture throughout the day and with chiropractic adjustments.

Of course like we mentioned earlier your overall lifestyle habits can affect your sleep from stress and diet to work and school!

Implementing a wellness routine including chiropractic care and other relaxing activities you enjoy can help you manage your health and stress proactively instead of reactively when inconveniences come up.

Your body and nerves will thank you for it!

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